The Care Guide for Cock Fighting

The Care Guide for Cock Fighting – Care for fighting cocks is fundamental so that our fighting cocks can be easier to win the cockfighting, and get profit from gambling.

The effective way to restore the mentality of Bangkok chicken is to do bebotoh in different ways. When a cockfighting lover’s friend trains fighting cocks, the most important thing is to train Bangkok chicken techniques to make them more honed when fighting.

However, this is not the only thing that must be considered so that fighting cocks win in cockfighting matches. There are many factors that must be considered in this case, so that our Bangkok chickens can dare to face fighting cocks that have a bigger physique when doing cockfighting.

Apart from training the Bangkok chicken movements, the other most important thing is the mentality of the fighting cocks which will affect the way the chickens fight. It would be very embarrassing if we had a Bangkok chicken with a great physical condition and age that was ready to fight, but the chicken did not dare to fight another fighting cock.

That is what is meant by a chicken mentality that is not good enough for cockfighting. And we have to pay attention to this ridiculous thing so that it doesn’t happen to our chickens. Because the main asset as a fighting cock is a high mentality to face an opponent’s fighting cock.

With a high mentality, the chicken will be ready to fight to the death. Even though our chickens have Bangkok chicken with a physical that is below the opponent’s fighting cock, or a technique that is more monotonous than other fighting cocks.

It does not make our Bangkok chicken afraid to face the chicken. Because the mentality of our fighting cocks has been formed first, so the possibility of winning the match will be very large with high mental provisions.

It is not uncommon for this incident to occur in the cockfighting arena. The chicken that we champion ran away while fighting in the middle of the match. This happens because the employer does not pay attention to the mentality of the Bangkok chicken so that when he feels pain, the chicken mentally falls down.

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There are so many effective ways to be able to restore the mentality of Bangkok chickens after cockfighting. The following will explain the online cockfighting agent about a powerful way to bring back the mentality of our chickens who are down or have not dared to fight with a superior size.

When our Bangkok chicken finishes fighting and its mental decline, we can use a method to lock the chicken in a chicken coop for a few days.

For those few days don’t take your chicken out before it bounces back. This oddity occurs as a result of the stress that appears on the fighting cocks when it finishes fighting in the cockfighting arena.

In addition, stressed chickens can also occur as a result of how to care for the owner that is not good. Therefore we also have to be careful in terms of taking care of our fighting cocks at home.

In addition to how to confine chickens, we can restore the mentality of Bangkok chickens by bringing them closer to several hens. This method is very effective to do. Chickens who are under stress can recover by looking at the female Bangkok chicken.

How easy it is not to restore a Bangkok chicken mentality as described by the Online Cockfighting Agent from the sv388 site. The last way to restore the mental of Bangkok chicken is to use traditional herbal medicine.

Jamu is made from spices such as turmeric and so on. By giving regularly it will speed up the recovery of Bangkok chicken which is currently going down mentally. In addition, giving turmeric will not cause side effects to our chickens.…